Our Story

At Windrose we believe in a natural approach for a natural world. Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest aromatherapy products from our supplier partners. Our goal is to develop, maintain, and inspire our team, vendor partners, and customers for continued success. We will advance our company's culture and values with a superior product and outstanding customer service.

Windrose is dedicated to working with partners who are committed to using natural or recycled materials and sustainable practices. For more than thirty years, we have partnered with suppliers who share in our mission to maintain ethical trade and remain environmentally conscious. In addition, we support worthy organizations in the U.S. and worldwide that align with our mission. We directly support the Vishwa Foundation, a non-profit organization, focused on creating a harmonious balance between human life and the natural world. We also contribute a percentage of our sales directly to Doctors Without Borders. We have vendors who support reforestation and rainwater harvest initiatives in India and a Native American smudge cooperative. We look forward to continuing these great partnerships with our suppliers and continuing to support these important organizations.