Our Story

At Windrose and Triloka we believe in a natural approach for a natural world. Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest aromatherapy products from our supplier partners. Our goal is to develop, maintain, and inspire our team, vendor partners, and customers for continued success. We will advance our company's culture and values with a superior product and outstanding customer service.

CLEAN & SUSTAINABLE INGREDIENTS, IFRA APPROVED: We strictly abide by the International Fragrance Association’s (IFRA) Code of Practice by using only natural fragrance ingredients and mixtures that are approved by the IFRA. Our products are made with simple, natural, organic, and sustainable ingredients that DO NOT contain Petroleum Derivatives and are FREE of Parabens, Phthalates, and other harmful ingredients.

FAIR TRADE COTTAGE INDUSTRY PARTNERS & COOPERATIVES: We have supported the same growing Regional Cottage Industry & Home-Based Women’s Incense Making Cooperatives in Rural India for 46 years. Empowering thousands of local women to continue this honored age-old incense-making tradition, enabling them to manage their own home-based business, set their own wages, and help support their families in a healthy, meaningful, and sustainable way. We only support Fair Trade Cottage Industry Partners & Women’s cooperatives that strictly abide by ALL International Fairtrade Standards where NO child labor or unsafe working conditions are allowed.

MINIMAL & RECYCLABLE PACKAGING MATERIALS: We remain committed to our Environmentalist roots, using minimal packaging materials, recycled paper, biodegradable plastics, eco-friendly inks, and recyclable materials whenever possible. Simple packaging and almost zero waste are a great feature of Triloka Aromatherapy Incense.

DIRECT GIVING PROGRAM: We make substantial annual contributions to some of our favorite and worthy causes including Doctors Without Borders, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, WFM Whole Planet Foundation, Environmental Defense Fund, Rainforest Alliance Oceana, and The National Parks Conservation Association. Additionally, we directly support a Regional Ayurvedic Medical Clinic in Rural India, and a Tibetan Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal. Locally we support many worthy community organizations, including the Boys & Girls Club of America.