Beaded OM Box and Ring Gong Gift Set, D=3": This Ring Gong bowl nestles in a beautiful purple embroidered gift box with a red beaded OM symbol on the lid. Set includes a wooden striker and cushion. A Ring Gong bowl is a type of bell shaped as a bowl and is played by striking on the side of the bowl to create a vibration of sound. Wooden striker and bowl cushion included. Singing bowls and ring gongs They come in many shapes and sizes and ours are made using seven metals: copper, tin, iron zinc, lead, silver and gold. These bowls were traditionally made throughout Asia. The tradition continues today in Nepal, India, China, and Japan. Vibration is the most essential characteristic of ringing bowls. For centuries the pure vibrations of ringing bowls have been used for healing, meditation, making music and purifying negative influences. Doctors have used them for diagnostics, Monks used them for offerings, and Shamans used them for esoteric purposes. Handcrafted by our valued supply partners in India & Nepal.